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Manage any project: work - startups - trips - fitness goals - exams. We care about your targets.


Team up with your friends and colleagues, share your tasks and get things done together.


Add new tasks in one click, plan your projects and achieve goals.


Keep track: use your dashboards to monitor your success.

Create projects and mark them with different colors

Add tasks in one click, no complex forms

...and finish tasks with one click!

Tag your tasks

Invite friends to your projects, join other teams

To set deadline, just click Tomorrow or drag to calendar

Post comments, share achievements and seek for advice

Use search to find task, project, person or comment

Choose the interface you like - task boards, calendars or to-do list

Want to share list in social network? Create widget!

Analyze your tasks, projects and team activities in one screen

Set up notifications about any event: tasks, deadlines, comments or progress


Any projects, any tasks

Monitor sticker will not remind you about deadline. You can forget about letter in the mailbox. Use SAU, and you won't miss the deadline! You can track tasks in projects, hash tags, calendar or assign them to your friends.

Project is a social network

According to research, collaboration increases success chance by 30%. Invite friends, family, colleagues and neighbours. Share your tasks with other @people, communicate in comments, get new tasks.

We believe that you can accomplish any task, achieve any objective and make all your dreams come true. You just have to play - and we'll help. Choose your favorite tool: light and easy to-do list, day-by-day calendar or dashboard to keep your progress.


  • We help to work...

    Track your tasks and progress, you will not forget anything and will be always on-time. Set deadlines for tasks in calendar, invite colleagues and work together

  • ...and rest

    Plan your weekend ahead of time. Play sports, go out, meet friends or do a nature trip - a lot of things to include in the schedule

  • ...and make yourself better

    Did you know that you could get accustomed to something new in 21 day? Set regular daily task with the new healthy habit and we'll remind you everyday

  • ...and show new places

    Planning the ideal trip is unalloyed pleasure. The route, list of sights, shopping and luggage, tickets and hotels - write everything down. You can also ask your friends to join, they will help you with new thoughts and ideas

  • ...and discover new horizons

    Thinking of running a marathon, or swimming 1 km, or climbing Kilimanjaro, or start playing new sports? Everything is possible, if planned well and being followed perfectly. Everything is real!

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